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April 10, 2015:
In-depth: Federal vote in Ontario

Using a large sample telephone poll (3000 interviews),  this research explores the changes to the Ontario federal politics landscape since the last election in-depth. The results show that the Liberals have risen to 39% in decided vote. We predict this result would win them between 49 and 62 of Ontario's 121 seats if an election were held today. While these gains are impressive, it is an open question if they will get the party close enough to the 170 seats that will be needed for a majority in the newly redistributed House of Commons. Accompanying this report are a set of interactive maps that show the results of our seat projection models: Click here to view seat projection maps



September 8, 2014: Innovative Research Group
What’s Next for Ontario Politics?

Greg Lyle, Managing Director of Innovative Research Group, deliver a presentation called “What’s Next for Ontario Politics?” Greg combined the extensive polling Innovative Research conducted for The Globe and Mail in the June election with a new province-wide poll to speak to the lessons the election offers for political parties and the challenge and opportunities facing the Wynne Government as it looks ahead.


June 26, 2014: Innovative Research Group
Public Opinion Opportunities and Challenges In Canada and the US

Presented at the WEC North American Region Energy Forum


June 25, 2014: Innovative Research Group
How Big is the Challenge of Siting Infrastructure?

Presented at the Canada Energy Summit June 25, 2014


May 28, 2014: Innovative Research Group
INNOVATVE / StrategyCorp 2014 Reputation Report

Rob Ford tops list of this year’s scandals as most negatively viewed by public, more so than the Senate spending and the Ontario power plant scandals.


May 7, 2014: Innovative Research Group
Gauging the Election Campaign

And they're off! As the 2014 Ontario provincial election campaign gets underway, Greg Lyle, founder of Innovative Research Group, tells Steve Paikin where the political parties stand and which ridings will be Ontario's battlegrounds.


Greg Lyle: Gauging the Election Campaign – Agenda with Steve Paikin



April 15, 2014: Innovative Research Group
Impact of Police Investigation

The Ontario Political Scene: April 2014


In his presentation at the 2014 Ontario Power Conference ( this morning, Jason Lockhart, Vice President at Innovative Research Group Inc. (INNOVATIVE) released the results of an online survey of 800 Ontario adults, aged 18 and older. The poll looked at the impact of the police investigation into the possible deletion of government records from computers in the Premier’s office during the transition of party leadership from Dalton McGuinty to Kathleen Wynne.


March 28, 2014: Innovative Research Group
Roads to Victory: The Ontario Political Landscape

Greg Lyle, President of Innovative Research Group Inc. (INNOVATIVE), released the results of two surveys this morning at a Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC) gathering held in downtown Toronto.  The two surveys addressed the key question for campaign strategy: “Who will vote for you and why?” In his presentation, Lyle covered current provincial vote intent, the issues, the parties and their leaders.  He then laid out a Road to Victory for each of the three major political parties.


December 31, 2013: The Globe and Mail
Canadians’ support for infrastructure is high – unless it’s where they live, study says

Most Canadians generally support most types of major infrastructure projects, but support for local projects remains significantly lower, according to a new poll on NIMBYism. The aim of the national tracking survey, conducted by Innovative Research Group, is to take Canadians’ temperatures on major infrastructure – and particularly energy infrastructure – projects, comparing and contrasting their support for projects both locally and elsewhere in their provinces.


September 25, 2013: The Globe and Mail
After the deluge: How Alberta's floods will be a litmus test for Redford at the polls

The impact of the flooding that severely damaged towns and cities throughout Alberta in June will linger for years. So will the impressions people in the province form of the way in which Premier Alison Redford's government responded to the crisis.
While three years away, the next provincial election could well be a referendum on the Premier's handling of the disaster. Which is why she is no doubt paying close attention to what government-commissioned polling is indicating – most of which is good news, some of which is not.
The government had Innovative Research Group gauge the public's mood to the flood response in two rounds of polling – first in July and then again in August. The Globe and Mail obtained results of both surveys.